24th EMN Congress

Dear members, dear colleagues, friends and guests,
We are delighted to invite you all to the 
24th 2019 EMN annual meeting will be held in Warsaw 23-25, May 2019

Our annual Congress will be the opportunity to share knowledge, experience of new achievements in TBI understanding and treatment. Over the last decades we have been facing many changes in this field, including the use of Artifficial Intelligence to reduce the risk of injuries, the introduction of a variety of biomarkers leading to better understanding of TBI. We have also passed through a process of change in our therapeutic approach, begining with ICP reduction, through CPP promotion to autoregulation sparing. Better understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as new robotics strategies, has led to more efficient rehabilitation of TBI victims. Scientific program of the Congress will adress all of these achievements. 

EMN 2019 Congress will take place at Staszic Palace, a historical place in Warsaw, beeing a seat of Polish Academy of Sciences. Our venue is conveniently situated in the city centre, easily accessible (walking distance, taxi or public transportation) from many hotels situated nearby) Warsaw is the capital of Poland with a population of nearly 2000 0000 people with a variety of historical places, monuments, restaurants and a vivid culture events, most of the attractions located within a walking distance from the Congress venue. We hope that during your stay in Warsaw you will have an opportunity to experience our culture, architecture, and enjoy our local cuisine.

Prof. Waldemar Koszewski
Congress President
Prof. Zbigniew Czernicki
EMN Honorary President

Dear friends and colleagues,

 It is my privilege and a great honor to invite you all to the 24th EMN Congress in Warsaw, the beautiful capital of Poland, a town which is permanently reinventing itself, a place where tradition and modernity harmoniously blend together.  
From the very beginning, I would like to express my gratitude to our Honorary President Prof. Zbigniew Czernicky and to the President of the Congress, prof. Waldemar Kozsewski for their extraordinary efforts to offer the most appropriate place for our 24th EMN Congress, the Staszic Palace, a seat of Polish Academy of Science.
The coordinates which stood at the forefront of the foundation of EMN, namely Collaboration, Science and Friendship (CSF) on a ground of multilateral and multidisciplinary approach made it possible for us to reconvene each year with uninterrupted continuity for 24 years now.
As it was stated by the founders of EMN, there is no other way in modern medicine than multidisciplinary collaboration, searching for solutions together, research, education and development in multidisciplinary teams.
Beyond professional collaboration, this academy offers the chance of establishing long-lasting friendships, which grants EMN a particular place, confers it a certain individuality in the landscape of international academic societies. And for this, I can only be grateful towards the founders and also all the members of this Academy.

I am looking forward to welcoming you in Warsaw 23-25 May 2019.

Prof. Dr Stefan Florian
EMN President


EMN Honorary Presidents

Prof.  Dr . PhD.  A.-V. Ciurea
EMN Honorary President
Prof. Zbigniew Czernicki
EMN Honorary President
Prof. Dr.  H. E.  Diemath
EMN Honorary President
Prof . Dr.  D. Mendelow
EMN Honorary President
United Kingdom
Prof.  Dr.  J. de Reuck
EMN Honorary President
Prof. Dr.  W.-I. Steudel
EMN Honorary President
Prof.  Dr.  K. v. Wild
EMN Honorary President

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